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After retiring as the owner of The Wooden Jewel, Denise Bryant has launched a new career as a “jewelry detective.”

Her new business is Db Appraisals where she assists her clients in investigating their jewelry to provide a certified appraisal.

“The primary reason for a certified appraisal is for insurance and legal purposes,” Denise shared. “A certified appraisal is a higher standard to evaluate jewelry pieces, and it is held up in a court of law. Insurance companies would prefer to have a certified appraisal as well so they know it will hold up in a court of law.”

A member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraiser, Denise has earned several certificates to qualify to provide certified appraisals.

“I enjoy the science side of gems and jewelry,” she said. “I love looking for clues including the jeweler’s stamp and the cut and quality of the gems. An antique piece of jewelry may take time to investigate when and where it was crafted.”

Denise said a certified appraisal is more than weighing the metal such as gold or looking at the quality of the gems.

“There are high standards that go into evaluating a piece including testing the stones and the metal,” she said. “I recently evaluated a ring where the gold band was marked 18K and it was only 14K. I also make sure the gems are authentic and not man made.”

An appraisal for one piece of jewelry is $165 and each additional piece of jewelry is $130. It takes one to two weeks to have a piece evaluated. If you are interested in learning more or making an appointment, please contact Denise at 541-390-0830 or Denisebryant3433@gmail.com to arrange a time to visit her in her Sunriver office.

Db Appraisals
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