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La Pine, Oregon
51490 The Dalles-California Highway La Pine Oregon 97739 US

Owner Terry Lynn Pellegrini

The owner of Triune Moon LLC in La Pine, Terry Lynn Pellegrini works to create and nurture connections between mind, body and spirit.

Terry offers Reiki, chakra balancing, energy work, Tarot and psychic readings, classes,

workshops and events. She also has a growing metaphysical supply section stocked with

books, herbs, crystals and more.

Terry has more than 25 years of expertise including 15 years as a Reiki Master.

“You can expect a positive and healing experience, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated at Triune Moon,” Terry said.

To book a session, please call 209-988-8531 or email You can book through Google, Instagram or Facebook at Triune Moon.

Triune Moon is located at 51636 Huntington Rd., Suite 2 in La Pine (across from the Post Office).

Click Triune Moon to visit the website for hours and additional information.

Terry Lynn Pellegrini
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