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Executive Director

Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce

Sunriver, Oregon, 97707



The Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce seeks an Executive Director to oversee the operation of the Chamber, supporting members and the Board of Directors. Key areas of responsibility include maintaining and building strong membership in the Chamber, managing an effective digital/social media presence, financial and operational management as well as highlighting the Chamber’s value to members and the community.

About Sunriver

Sunriver is located in scenic Central Oregon about 15 miles south of Bend.  Tourism with a focus on outdoor recreation drives the economy in this vibrant and energized community.  While many businesses depend on the visitors who come to Sunriver from around the world, there is a strong community of local residents who provide a significant contribution to local commerce, especially during the shoulder seasons.  The Chamber’s role is to support its members, including both businesses and organizations, with services and programs that meet their needs in this dynamic economic environment.


Essential Skills, Abilities and Knowledge:

  • Proven track record of utilizing creative and effective digital media to get results, and ability to manage the Chamber’s website, weekly newsletter, and social media sites
  • Skill and ability to engage the business community in a way that develops strong relationships and loyalty to the Chamber
  • Demonstrated leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Highly organized, creative and innovative in the delivery of Chamber programs such as promotions, training, networking and advocacy.
  • Knowledge of business operations, financial acumen and common computer platforms
  • Basic understanding of public policy development and the legislative process
  • A passion for helping local businesses succeed and for serving the community

Desired Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, business administration or equivalent experience
  • Minimum five years of experience in a leadership or management position


Job Responsibilities

                Programs and Services:

  • Implement the Chamber’s programs cited in the Strategic Plan, including the “Buy Local” initiative to incentivize the Sunriver community to support local businesses, especially during the challenging shoulder seasons opposite high tourism times
  • Utilize and expand the Chamber’s digital/social media outlets to promote local businesses and organizations
  • Provide residents and visitors with knowledgeable referrals to Chamber member businesses and organizations
  • Manage the Chamber’s publications, primarily the annual Sunriver Magazine, as well as brochures, guides and maps
  • Create and manage training and educational programs that directly meet the business needs of Chamber members
  • Develop and conduct meaningful and valued networking opportunities for Chamber members
  • Work with other business, tourism and economic development organizations to promote business development and growth in the Sunriver area
  • Engage in public policy issues that impact the local business community, and advocate for government policies and programs that promote economic development and a positive business environment
  • Support local organizations and events, including the Sunriver Area Community Potluck

Financial Support, Operations, and Budget

  • Manage the Chamber’s membership programs, including pro-actively maintaining and building membership through interpersonal communication with local businesses and organizations, and effective digital communication
  • Develop and advocate for financial support from local government and non-membership sources of funding, including grants and donations, and other revenue opportunities
  • Manage the Chamber’s day-to-day activities, while ensuring Chamber operations run smoothly, efficiently, and stay focused on serving Chamber members
  • Direct Chamber volunteers in doing meaningful work
  • Represent the Chamber at public meetings and before community organizations and events
  • Develop and recommend budget proposals to the Chamber’s Board of Directors
  • Oversee financial reports and practices, and prepare monthly budget updates for the Board of Directors 

Board of Directors Support

  • Prepare reports, make recommendations and advise the Board on member services and programs
  • Participate in Board committee meetings and activities
  • Support the Board by completing assigned staff work
  • Assist in implementing the Chamber’s Strategic Plan
  • Prepare agendas, invite guest speakers, and produce materials for Board meetings

Job Details

Salary: $50,000, plus incentives for Chamber Membership growth

Benefits: $5,000 Health Insurance Stipend

Hours: Flexible work schedule approx. 30 hours per week

Location: Remote

To Apply:

Please email cover letter and resume to srchamberexec@gmail.com, attention: Dan Youmans, President, Board of Directors, Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce.   The deadline for applications is Friday, October 29 at 5 pm.