In 2019, Wesley Ballew decided it was time for him to branch out and discover how he could use the skills and knowledge he obtained to start his own company.

After working in the corporate retail industry with roles at TOMS Shoes, Columbia Sportswear, Keen Footwear, and William Sonoma, “I wanted to start something new and create my own brand,” Wesley said.

During the pandemic, he and his now husband, Aaron Goldberg, traveled to places throughout Oregon and the West Coast.

“We went to gorgeous places, but it was challenging to find souvenirs that really captured the beauty of what we experienced,” he said. “I was searching for something collectible, unique, and refined. Something that spoke to the true character of the place.”

With the encouragement from friends and family, Wesley taught himself graphic design, crafting classic artwork of the natural wonders, cities, coastal towns and bridges in Oregon, California, Washington and beyond.

He opened Landmarks Unlimited, Inc. in November at The Village in Sunriver, where he sells matchbook collections, magnets, vinyl stickers, travel journals, keychains, pins and more.

He plans to expand his line of travel souvenirs to more locations across the United States, and plans to create new product lines in the travel gift space.

“Landmarks Unlimited is represented in several retail stores across Oregon and Washington,” he said.

“My goal for Landmarks Unlimited is to take travel souvenirs to a new level, and I want to make sure there is a story behind the souvenirs,” he said.

He also sells items locally made including board games, blankets, and travel books.

“Everything sold in the store is intentional to enhance the traveler’s experience,” he said. “I want people to be able to find high quality souvenirs and gifts that tell the story of the place they visited.”