Welcome to Sunriver:

Where Nature Inspires Art

Claude Monet, the legendary French painter and father of Impressionist art, once said, “The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration.” In Sunriver, nature’s canvas comes to life in the most stunning and inspiring ways.

Picture the Ponderosa Pine’s bark, resembling a delightful jigsaw puzzle, or meadow wildflowers, spreading colors like an artist’s palette. As the birds serenade you with their morning and nightly concerts, watch in awe as sunlight dances playfully on our lakes and rivers. The world is your muse in Sunriver!

A Must-Visit: The Artists’ Gallery

When you’re in Sunriver, a visit to The Village’s Artists’ Gallery is a must. More than 30 artists call this place home, where they masterfully capture the beauty of Central Oregon. Celebrate Second Saturday with the gallery’s art walk, featuring participating businesses.

Art Galleries: Unveiling Creativity

The Artists’ Gallery at The Village in Sunriver is a cooperative space housing over 30 local artists, each adding their unique creativity and personality to the mix. You’ll find everything here, from classical oil paintings to contemporary art, laser-cut metal creations, gourd art, and wearable art jewelry. The gallery welcomes you every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Find out more at artistsgallerysunriver.com.

The Betty Gray Art Gallery at Sunriver Lodge is a treasure trove of local art, showcasing a variety of media, including inspiring photography, sculptures, richly painted oils, pastels, and abstracts. You’ll find it on the second floor of Sunriver Resort’s main lodge.

A Literary Oasis: Sunriver Books & Music

For book lovers, Sunriver Books & Music is a haven. Here, you can leisurely browse, discuss books, or simply stop by to say hello. Their collection spans from fiction to mystery, history, biography, current events, travel, children’s literature, nature, and so much more. They even host Book Clubs for various genres. Explore their world at sunriverbooks.com and check out this year’s Book Club selections under “Book Clubs 2023.”

Events: Where Creativity Thrives

Sunriver Art Fair: Named one of the Top Ten Art Fairs in the nation, this event returns each August to the Village at Sunriver. Over 80 artists showcase their work in various categories, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The fair supports nonprofit agencies in South Deschutes County, making it an art event with a purpose.

Sunriver Music Festival: Since 1978, the Sunriver Music Festival has brought classical musicians from across the United States to Sunriver. The festival features performances in the Sunriver Resort Great Hall and other venues. 

Sunriver Quilt Show: Dive into the world of quilting at the Annual Quilt Show, presented by Mountain Meadow Quilters in the heart of the Village at Sunriver. This vibrant showcase offers free admission and parking, making it a perfect family-friendly outing. Your support goes a long way, as proceeds from sales are dedicated to providing quilts for non-profit organizations in Deschutes County.

Come to Sunriver and discover the vibrant arts and culture that make our community truly extraordinary.

Artists’ Gallery

Sunriver Quilt Show