Since she was a child, Leah Spezza always knew she wanted to help people.

She chose being a massage therapist and is the owner of Mysa Massage Therapy with offices in Bend and Sunriver.

“I think of being a massage therapist as making the world a little bit happier,” Spezza said. “I make someone’s day a little bit better and hopefully in turn they are nicer to others, and that happiness continues to grow as it is extended to others.”

She chose to name her business “Mysa” as a tribute to her Swedish heritage. A Swedish word, “Mysa” translates to English as “cozy.” She shared the word encompasses everything she hopes her clients gain from visiting her for a massage.

“It also embodies more than that,” Spezza said. “It involves being relaxed, taking time out from stress and obligations, spending time with friends, and being in the moment.”

The mom of two daughters who are in elementary school, Spezza said she has been a licensed massage therapist for almost 15 years, working in Montana and Oregon. She earned her bachelor’s degree in communications from Oregon State University, and she has a background in retail management.

Spezza shared she focuses on the basics of massage therapy by keeping what she does as simple, effective and relaxing for the client.

“My approach to bodywork is slow, intentional movement allowing the more superficial layers of the body to soften so that I can apply deeper pressure without having to force manipulation of the tissue and muscles,” she said. “If I can get you into a more relaxed state, I can actually get deeper into the muscles while keeping the client comfortable and relaxed. I want to work with your body, not against it – I am not of the belief that massage therapy needs to be painful to be effective.

Spezza said she thinks that massage therapy is an important part of a person’s overall health and self-care routines.

“We often live very busy, hectic lives and rarely take time to just slow down and relax. I’m a firm believer that relaxing for an hour or two while receiving massage can have just as many benefits as the actual massage itself,” she said. “Massage helps with so many things from sore joints and muscles to anxiety, depression, headaches, chronic pain, lymphatic/immune system support and more. By incorporating massage into your lifestyle, it can give a more well-rounded approach to living your best life.”

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