Cari Welch is the owner and licensed professional counselor at A Turning Point Counseling in the Sunriver Business Park.

Welch shared A Turning Point Counseling is a safe and confidential space providing mental and emotional health care services to individuals, couples and families with a desire to bring help and healing to those who are hurting in south Deschutes County.

“I chose the name A Turning Point Counseling because when I was seeing a counselor it was the catalyst that helped me reach a turning point in my life that brought me healing and freedom,” she shared. “I describe myself as having a sensitive heart and compassionate spirit. I am here to help people reach their own paths to healing.”

Welch loves living in beautiful Central Oregon with adventure waiting right outside her door.

Using hiking as an analogy for her work, she said hikers often discover rock cairns; piles of stones made for marking the path ahead. Too often, she said, people think they don’t need to seek assistance which leads to being stuck in a rut or repetitively running into the same wall.

“A Turning Point Counseling helps keep people moving in the right direction,” Welch shared. “Counseling can be that cairn for each of us; a turning point in our journey to greater healing and health that gets us moving in the way we want to go.”

Welch’s experience and education enables her to offer effective and individualized outpatient mental health care.

“Part of my work is teaching people to train themselves to listen to their gut feelings about a situation, then trusting that gut feeling, understanding we often have the answers but ignore them,” she said.

Her goal is to provide a safe, confidential space where clients will find support, healing and growth by challenging harmful beliefs, bringing awareness of their inner strengths and charting a path forward into health and healing.

“My goal is to be there for you at every step of your journey; to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life,” she said.

To learn more or make an appointment, visit, call 954-546-4673 or email

Cari Welch