Upper Deschutes River Communities (UDRC) was created in 2003 to enable communities and neighborhoods along the Upper Deschutes River to work together to resolve natural resource issues.

Its mission is to support fire adapted communities, healthy forests, pure and abundant river flows and wildlife habitat. Recently, the UDRC has focused on assisting landowners in the Upper Deschutes River and La Pine Community Wildfire Protection Plan areas to create and maintain defensible space for wildfire risk reduction.

In 2020, the UDRC paid $29,480 to reimburse 53 property owners and funded 7 low-income senior defensible space projects. This year to date, UDRC paid $37,650 to reimburse 73 property owners and fund 2 low-income senior defensible space projects. $47,500 has been reserved for approved reimbursement applications. Although the reimbursement program is now closed for new applications, grant funding has been requested to continue funding the program.

To continue managing our programs, volunteers are needed for the following positions:

* President/Chairperson
* Treasurer
* Board members
* Low-income Senior program outreach and help with property assessments

Email the UDRC at board@udrc.org about volunteering to help UDRC to continue providing wildfire defensible space assistance programs. For more information visit www.udrc.orgors