While their businesses vary from barbershop to pet store and an arcade to a real estate office, new business owners share something in common. They saw a need to provide a service and decided to pursue their goal of owning their own business.

The owners of two dogs, a cat and eight chickens, John and Anna Luttrell know what it’s like to come home from work and discover their pets are out of food and then having to drive to Bend to find what they need. From their involvement in the Sunriver community, they have heard similar stories from their friends and family members. “People have been so appreciative of having a local pet store,” Anna said. “It’s been so much fun to help people find what they need for their pets.”

John Teagarden opened Riverscape Arcade in The Village at Sunriver because he wanted to have a business “that would allow the whole family to do something fun together.”

Since December 2021, Muddy Hut Pet Store and Riverscape Arcade are two of several businesses to open or expand in Sunriver.

“It’s exciting to see everything that’s happening in the business community and welcoming new businesses,” Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce Board President Dan Youmans said. “I invite people to discover everything has to offer.”

Youmans said the Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce has a “Shop Sunriver” campaign that encourages locals and tourists to find what they need in Sunriver. “I invite people to discover what our local businesses have to offer and to start in Sunriver when they are looking for something,” he said.

New businesses looking to relocate or start in Sunriver can receive assistance from the Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce and Sunriver La Pine Economic Development. “The Chamber has many networking events and resources to assist businesses,” Youmans said.

Two businesses are hosting grand openings in July. Disturbed Threads and Laser Engraving’s event is 5pm to 7pm Thursday, July 7 with the ribbon cutting at 6:15pm. There will be gift bags for the first 25 people and hot dogs served for the first 80 people. The Den Dive Shop’s grand opening is 10am to 6pm, with food and beverages served 11am to 1pm, and the ribbon cutting at noon. Everyone is welcome to both events.

Here’s a recap of new and expanded local businesses:

Beards & Bangs

Heather Calkins rarely utters the words “no” or “maybe.” Given the choice of using those words or finding a way to make something happen, Calkins opts for the latter. “I have been blessed with having learned what it means to have a terrific work ethic,” she said. “I also have a super supportive family and friends.”

Calkins is the owner of Beards & Bangs Barbershop in the Sunriver Business Park, the varsity volleyball coach at La Pine High School and the coach of two volleyball teams for the Southern Deschutes Volleyball Association. And if that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she’s creating her own product line called Wylee Men’s Grooming.

This spring, she relocated Beards & Bangs from a 700 square-foot-space to 2,400 square feet. The move is tied to a commitment to doing what she can to make a difference in her community. “I want my barbershop to be like the ones in the 1950s, where everyone felt welcome to visit whether they needed a haircut and beard trim or just a place to hang out and chat with others,” Calkins said.

She invites people to stop by to play pool or foosball, work on a jigsaw puzzle, read the newspaper, watch TV or chat with her and others in the shop. Currently, she is the only barber, focusing on haircuts for men, women and children. She doesn’t do hair services requiring any chemicals such as coloring or perms.

She encourages people to book appointments early, as her days fill up quickly. “My barbershop is a unique place where I am bringing back the culture of what barbershops once were,” Calkins said. “My goal is to have Beards & Bangs be a safe and welcoming place for people to gather.”

The barbershop is at 56870 Venture Lane, Suite 101 S. in the Sunriver Business Park. Email heather@beardsandbangs.com or call 541-797-0303 for more information.

Disturbed Threads and Laser Engraving

From her conversations with several friends who are business owners, Nikki Ketchum realized there was a need for “business swag” in Sunriver. Combining her graphic design talents with being a marketing manager for other businesses, Nikki decided to start her own business, Disturbed Threads & Laser Engraving in the Sunriver Business Park. “Our store does custom items along with having home décor and Sunriver tourist items as well as games to windchimes,” she said.

Disturbed Threads offers a variety of customizing services including laser engraving, cutting and etching, sublimation, screen printing, vinyl sticker cutting and printing and more. “I have always loved art. All kinds, Drawing, tattoos, photos, building items, crafts and cooking. I have wanted my whole life to be the owner of a business that I could “create” with,” she shared.

Nikki is grateful for the support she has received from her friends and family for helping her start her own business. “I am passionate about all forms of art and helping others to see their creation come to life,” she said. “I am excited about this journey and will always be looking for new items and products I can create with so the store will always have different products on display.”

Disturbed Threads & Laser Engraving is open 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday at 56815 Venture Ln. Suite 705. Call 458-666-1916 or visit disturbedthreads.com for additional information.

Fly and Field Outfitters

Fly and Field Outfitters is Central Oregon’s Premier Fly Shop and Outfitter. It opened in Bend in 1999, and it recently opened its second location in the Sunriver Business Park. “Sunriver was an excellent move for us, as we are looking to serve the local community with a more robust fly shop offering that is unprecedented in the Sunriver area,” said General Manager Kyle Schenk.

Fly & Field guides operate at all Central Oregon fisheries and the guide staff offers trips on the Cascade Lakes and local rivers. “Our shop staff is kind and caring, ready to take care of our guests in the shops. We provide expert local knowledge on fishing tactics, techniques, fly choices, gear, and anything else fly fishing,” Schenk said.

Both the Bend and Sunriver stores are open 7am to 7pm Monday through Friday and 7am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. Call 541-318-1616, visit flyandfield.com or email info@flyandfield.com for additional information.

Muddy Hut Pet Store

John and Anna Luttrell once had a cat named Sammy. When they became parents to Tanner, now ten, and River, now six, they decided they were too busy with their children, work and travel to have any more pets. “I remember telling my dad that we were done being pet owners, and he just laughed at me, telling me he knew I would have pets again,” Anna said.

They have a great Pyrenees named Remi, a Maltese poodle named Luna, a cat named Scout and eight chickens. “I just look up to heaven and tell my dad that he was right,” Anna said, laughing. “Now we can’t imagine not having animals in our life.”

Remi, Luna, Scout and the chickens are the source of inspiration for John and Anna to open Muddy Hut, a pet store in the Sunriver Business Park. “We know from our own experiences what it’s like to come home and discover the pets need food and then to have to drive to Bend to find what you are looking for,” Anna said. “We wanted to create a welcoming pet store where locals and tourists can find what they need for their pets.”

She has a wall of photos of local and visiting pets, a place for people to sit outside, bowls of water, weekly walking groups and more. “People can bring their pets into the store for treats while they shop,” Anna said. “We plan to invite animal adoption agencies to the store once a month so people can see animals available for adoption.”

The store will offer products for dogs, cats, chickens, horses and small animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits. “If I don’t have something you need, I encourage you to tell me so I can order it and bring it in,” Anna said. “I am passionate about what I do and care a great deal about our community. Muddy Hut is a way for our family to give back to the community and provide a service that’s needed here.”

Muddy Hut Pet Store is open 9am to 6pm Monday through Saturday at 56825 Venture Lane, Suite 110 in the Sunriver Business Park. Call 458-666-1850 or email anna@muddyhut.com for more information.

Riverscape Arcade

John Teagarden has brought some of his favorite childhood games to Sunriver to share with community members and tourists. In December, Teagarden opened Riverscape Arcade in The Village at Sunriver. The two-story arcade has 26 classic games on two floors. Games include Donkey Kong, NBA Jam, Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man, Asteroids and Mario Brothers. The arcade is family-owned and operated.

Unlike traditional arcades that require quarters, tokens or a card system, Teagarden said Riverscape offers unlimited play for an allotment of time that is purchased. Guests can purchase as little as 30 minutes or as much a full day of time and play the same game or rotate through all of them. “Riverscape offers a classic arcade experience in a family-friendly setting that allows you to enjoy difficult games from the past without the punishment of continuously eating your quarters,” Teagarden said.

The arcade is available for private events such as birthday parties, family get-togethers or business gatherings. “We are here to offer fun experiences for everyone,” John said.

The arcade is open 10:30am to 8:30pm Sunday through Thursday and 10:30am to 9pm Friday and Saturday. Call 541-306-5655 for more information.

Red Chair Real Estate

Megan Isola and Andrea Palle are award-winning Realtors who have worked together as real estate partners for years. They have recently launched Red Chair Real Estate under the Keller Williams brand. They are entrepreneurs and accomplished business owners. Isola and Palle take pride in providing outstanding customer service both to buyers and sellers, they value their clients and consider them friends. They take pride in being part of the Sunriver and Bend communities, raising their families and enjoying everything Central Oregon has to offer.

Whether you are looking for your dream home, wanting to sell or find the perfect investment, they are ready to help you realize your goals and live your best life! Contact Isola and Palle at contact@redchairrealestate.com and 541-293-0762.

The Den Dive Shop

Zack Smith has received numerous quizzical looks when he tells people he’s opening a scuba dive shop in Sunriver. Once he shares how it has been his dream to open a dive shop in Sunriver and how he has many years working as an international research diver, the questions start flooding in with people wondering where they can dive in Central Oregon or how they can sign up for dive classes.

Smith shared he enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge with others to explore lakes, rivers and oceans. “My enthusiasm for diving is off the charts. I would live in water if it were possible. I am a seeker, so I pursue as much knowledge as possible in every realm of my life. This includes scuba diving and marine life,” he said.

Smith created The Den Dive Shop to promote exploration and care of local lakes and rivers by offering lessons, classes and equipment to those interested in scuba diving. He opened the dive shop in early June. “There are so many beautiful places to go diving in Central Oregon,” he said. “A few of my favorite places are Cultus and Crescent lakes.”

An international research diver, Smith’s company ZLS Research specializes in studying sharks. His diving research company receives private contracts, and he sends research teams to locations throughout the world including Costa Rica, Hawaii and Australia. Smith’s focus is studying about 20 shark species including Mako and Great White sharks. “People ask if it’s dangerous to study sharks, and I often tell them it’s less dangerous than what I was doing as a detective,” he said. “Sharks are misunderstood, and I would rather work with them than dolphins.”

Last year, he and his friend Nathan Werner started The Mountain Muskrats Dive Club. There are currently more than 20 members who explore local rivers and lakes. The club meets at 5:30pm the first Saturday of the month at the dive shop. “We always clean garbage from waterways wherever we dive,” he said.

He teaches Discover Scuba Diving classes in Sunriver. An experienced diver, Smith has logged more than 4,000 dives. The Discover Scuba Diving class teaches people the skills needed to use diving gear and explore waterways in a recreational environment.

The Den Dive Shop is located at 56881 Enterprise Drive in the Sunriver Business Park. Call 541-600-9355, email thedendiveshop@hotmail.com or visit thedendiveshop.com.

The Wooden Jewel

Denise Bryant’s interest in rocks, gems and fossils started when she was a young girl. She remembers looking in the dirt to find treasures. Her lifelong passion led her to a career in gemology, multiple awards, and a jewelry and art store in Sunriver — The Wooden Jewel.

Featuring contemporary, designer jewelry by 30 local and regional artists, as well as wood sculptures and fine art, The Wooden Jewel is co-owned by Bryant and her husband Michael, himself an acclaimed sculptor and jewelry designer whose pieces are on display.

First opened in 2013, The Wooden Jewel relocated back to The Village at Sunriver after a three-year sojourn in downtown Bend. Bryant enjoys welcoming longtime customers and meeting new ones and assisting them in their adventure to find an engagement ring to an anniversary necklace or jewelry for those “just because moments.”

She has several events throughout the year, including trunk shows, and invites people to stop by and say hello. “I want everyone to feel comfortable visiting and discovering what we have to offer,” she said.

The boutique is open 1-5pm Monday; 11am-5pm Tuesday through Friday, closed Saturday and open 10am-5pm on Sunday in The Village at Sunriver. Visit thewoodenjewel.com or call 541-593-4151.

If you have opened a new business or are an existing business and want to learn more about the Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce, email exec@sunriverchamber.com.