Talisa and Joel Myers are a husband-and-wife team of practitioners who own and operate Ahava Healthcare. Their vision for Ahava Healthcare is to offer dedicated compassionate care to patients in their homes, offering hour-long visits as well as 30-minute remote telehealth visits.

Talisa has 20 years of experience in the medical field, and she is currently a RN with a background in Aesthetics, Emergency and Urgent Care Medicine. Joel is an Advanced Practice Clinician (PA-C) with 25 years of experience in Emergency and Family Medicine.

They offer a broad range of services treating most conditions and urgent medical issues with a style that focuses on root cause medicine, which blends Western and functional approaches. They can perform the same services one can receive in a traditional medical office right in the comfort of the patient’s home.

They also perform cosmetic services including Botox, facial fillers and skin care with their Obagi product line. Their practice name “Ahava” comes from an ancient Hebrew word “to love.” They chose the name for their business as it reflects their mission in serving people seeking better health with an open-hearted, open-minded and nonjudgmental approach.

Contact Ahava Healthcare by calling 541-203-3110, emailing joel@ahavahealth.care or visiting www.ahavahealth.care