With a new season comes a new look and feel for Sunriver Resort.

As Sunriver Resort embarks on the next phase of its evolution as the Pacific Northwest’s treasured outpost for adventure, exploration, wellness, and relaxation, a new logomark represents the spirit of the Central Oregon destination.

Sunriver Resort’s new look was envisioned to embody the sense of wonder, belonging, and discovery shared by all who visit the land and its surrounding forested wilderness.

The logomark of the three trees was created by hand using a brush pen, a technique that adds layers, texture, and an element of warmth.

It captures the human connection to the land, much like the experience enjoyed by all who visit Sunriver Resort. While the trees are modeled after the ponderosa pines nestled throughout the resort, the typography feels organic, chosen to complement the existing brand elements.

The stately ponderosa pines are evergreens that hold their beauty all year and only grow better with age.

Legacy holders themselves, their branches show movement and are full of life, energy, and spirit. The three trees naturally intertwine as if opening their arms to welcome guests. They have witnessed the 50-year legacy of Sunriver Resort and stand ready to witness many decades to come.