By Deon Stonehouse

Author Craig Johnson, the star of our lineup, returns 5 p.m. Friday, May 31 with the latest in his Longmire series, “First Frost.” The Longmire novels are international best sellers, award winners, and a hit drama on Netflix. Every Longmire novel is a chance to catch up with good friends, Sheriff Walt Longmire, his fiery deputy Vic, and best friend Henry Standing Bear. Contact Deon or Zach at Sunriver Books or email to pre-purchase a copy of “First Frost” to attend this ticketed event.








Seven Summers – at 5 pm Friday, April 19 

On Friday, April 19 at 5 p.m., Bob Welch presents “Seven Summers,” his memoir of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Email to register to attend this free event, space is limited. The genesis of this book actually started with an earlier book, “Cascade Summer, his memoir of hiking Oregon’s portion of the Pacific Crest Trail. Bob and his brother-in-law Glenn Peterson planned to walk 452 miles across Oregon. That adventure whetted the hiking buddy’s appetite for a larger challenge, hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail, not in one long slog, but in smaller gulps spread across seven years. Seemed doable, the two men are great pals who clearly make great trail buddies, both are experienced hikers. But nature and life have a voice in the matter. Snow, fire, heat, and such intervened. Family tragedies, and human frailty challenged from time to time. Bob suffered an ant attack. So, it took a little bit longer than seven summers.

However, the tone of this memoir is upbeat and fun. Both men are alive to the beauty and grandeur of nature. There are funny incidents and friendships made on the trail. Most of all, it takes the reader along for a hike through some of the most gorgeous, spectacular landscape on the planet. Lots of black and white photos show the beauty of the trail, document Bob and Glenn’s efforts, and show the people encountered. If you like being in the outdoors and going for a hike, don’t miss this book! It doesn’t matter if most of us will never hike the full Pacific Crest Trail, Bob Welch is letting us tag along, sharing the adventure in the pages of his book.

The Pacific Crest Trail is such a grand achievement! From Mexico to Canada, one trail connecting the states and the wilderness. Miles of it are right here in our backyard. Summer is coming, hiking time is near, Bob’s adventure may inspire you to get out on the trail.

Mystery Book Club

April 1 at 6 p.m. via Zoom and April 8 at 4:30 p.m. in person

The Mystery Book Club discusses “St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking” by Dana Haynes, this rip-roaring thriller is the first in a series filled with action. Michael Patrick Finnigan and Katalin Fiero Dahar, have the ultimate meet cute, with a twist, it involves them inflicting bodily injury on each other. Not your usual meet cute, but nonetheless it works for them. Then again, they are not your usual guy and gal, both tough as nails. At the time Finnigan was a US Marshall and Fiero was a Spanish assassin, both in the Ukraine for a joint operation between governments in an attempt to catch a notorious drug runner. Finnigan, a by the rules sort of guy, and Fiero, definitely not a by the rules sort of gal, had different takes on what would be a successful outcome for the endeavor, as I said wounds ensued.

Six months later they both still wanted to fight the good fight but were disillusioned with their government jobs. Recognizing their respective talents, they decided to get together and freelance. Much of their work came through the international criminal court, on the qt of course. This time they are after human traffickers, well connected and deadly. But then, when it comes to deadly, Fiero has that covered.

This is a series that gallops through the pages, lots of action, a deadly hot babe, Fiero, and a guy willing to put it all on the line, Finnigan, for justice (at least their version of justice). I loved that Finnegan and Fiero remain just friends and partners in taking down the bad guys. Great fun to read, and it is easy to cheer for Fiero and Finnegan. Today I would love to see a real Fiero and Finnigan take a few war criminals to the international criminal court.

Fiction Book Club

April 15 at 6 p.m. via Zoom & April 22 at 4:30 in person.

The Fiction Book Club discusses the Deschutes County Library Novel Idea selection, “Shark Heart” by Emily HabeckEmail to register to attend. Zoom link will be sent the weekend before the Zoom discussion. Through May and into June the Deschutes County Library will have programs related to the book.

“Shark Heart” is an innovative, imaginative, thought-provoking novel where humans sometimes, due to a genetic mutation, become animals. Lewis and Wren marry with the starry-eyed dreams of most couples. They anticipate a full life, celebrating milestones, and growing old together. Shortly after their marriage, Lewis is diagnosed with the mutation, within the year he will be a great white shark. Their time together will be short.

They know others touched by the mutation, becoming falcons, or other predators. Lewis’ thoughts as he changes from man to shark are interesting, how the sense of self and moral boundaries is forced to morph into a different way of being. How would a great white shark that had previously been human perceive its water universe? What would it be like to live as a great white shark?

Wren has to cope with the impending separation. The story moves through time, exploring a trauma in Wren’s past that informs the way she reacts to the heartbreaking change in her present as she must accept saying a final goodbye to Lewis.

“Shark Heart” is a wild ride, entertaining and thoughtful.

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