Water is a precious commodity, but how much do you know about the Sunriver Water treatment plant or the fish that swim in our rivers, lakes and ocean.
You won’t want to miss our two classes in August on these subjects. The first is a forum with the Sunriver Water District to learn about our local water situation and a chance to ask your water questions.
The “Fun Fish Facts” class is for the whole family. Bring your youngsters and learn together all about the amazing world of fish.
Below are the full class descriptions. All classes require registration through www.sunriveryou.com. Registration closes 24 hours before the class start time. Please plan ahead and sign up before the 24-hour deadline if you want to attend a class. In the case of Zoom classes, you will be sent the virtual attendance link 48 hours before and again as a reminder 2 hours before the class starts.
Water, Water – Everywhere or Nowhere? A Forum with Sunriver Water District
  • 4 pm Monday, Aug. 8 via Zoom
Presented by Spencer Mitchell, the Water System Manager for Sunriver Water, and Tim Smith, the General Manager of Northwest Natural Water.
Mitchell and Smith will give a presentation and answer questions about all things water related. Some of the topics they will be addressing are reservoir levels and short-term and long-term water supply forecasts, the Caldera expansion and its effect on Sunriver Water, rate increases, the Sunriver Water sale to Northwest Natural Water, and the current construction at the water plant. Participants will be able to submit water related questions via chat for the presenters to answer.
Fun Fish Facts – A Class for the Whole Family
  • 4 pm Thursday, Aug. 18, in person at SHARC.
Taught by Dr. Carl Schreck. Fish do amazing and interesting things! Bring the kids and have a learning experience for the entire family. What are your fishy questions? Here are a few to get you started. How do salmon find their way back home from the ocean? Why do they die after spawning, while trout don’t? Do fish have ears? Are there differences between hatchery and wild salmon? Why aren’t there any lamprey this far up the Deschutes? Are fish really cold-blooded? Do fish pass gas? What do fish have to do with the white sand beaches of Hawaii? Can some fish spawn with themselves? Can fish problem-solve? Are there right- and left-handed fish? Do any fish lactate, use tools, or farm? Can fish produce art? This presentation will use videos and slides to explore these questions and more. Carl Schreck, PhD., is a professor and former Leader of the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University. He has 45 years’ experience studying fish in the Columbia and coastal basin. He’s received many professional awards, authored nearly 350 scientific articles and books, and contributed to a children’s book Ocean Detectives: Solving the Mysteries of the Sea.