Matt and Heather Sainsbury are the owners of Peaceful Pet Supplements in Sunriver. They created Peaceful Pet hemp oil in 2020 for their dog, Kali, after she was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

After years of using other CBD pet oils, they wanted to create a product for their dog that was pure and more potent. After a great deal of research and countless hours perfecting their blends, they decided to share them with the world so that other pets could benefit like their dog did. They found the most important thing about taking hemp oil is being consistent, so keeping the price affordable is important to them.

Matt and Heather hand-blend and package each bottle with love and great care for your pet.

They shared what makes their products different is they use simple ingredients – just a high grade, pure MCT oil and the best quality, locally grown, THC-free hemp isolates.  They source CBD, CBG, CBN isolates from hemp that is locally grown by certified Oregon Hemp Farmers.

They offer three unique, restorative blends:

·        Balance: Daytime blend for health and harmony (70% CBD, 30% CBG)

·        Relax: Calming blend to aid in sleep and soothe anxiety (50% CBD, 25% CBG, 25% CBN)

·        Serenity: Potent blend for additional pain relief and support (50% CBD, 50% CBG)

You can purchase their products at Muddy Hut Pet Store in the Sunriver Business Park.

For more information, email, call 541-593-5935 or visit

Matt and Heather Sainsbury